Salon Review: Saks Beauty, Yorkshire


Review: Lucy Dixon



In a tucked away little gem of a salon, in the centre of Halifax, I had a welcoming greeting from Kath who was to be doing my treatment that day. She proceeded to take me through to a beautifully tranquil room, towards the back of the salon; dimly lit, and ever so serene and cosy, the room was the perfect setting for my Aroma Stone Massage.

Once Kath had talked me through the treatment, she left me for a moment, to get comfy and settled on the table. When she returned I was already feeling rather relaxed, thanks to the peaceful soundtrack that was playing. She then began the massage, starting at my feet, cleansing and massaging. Using Warm Stones from Bali, coated with pure essential oil, Kath then began to work up from my feet all the way to my shoulders, releasing any muscle tension. Warm stones had been placed around my head, and in my hands balancing my energies, as the stones are believed to have spiritual and healing origins. The volcanic stones are used for their capacity to hold more heat, which gets right into the belly of the muscle, and is seven times stronger than your regular deep tissue massage.

Kath catered perfectly to my bad back, working into the muscles with the stones, to release the tension. Once she had finished my back, I then moved onto my front. The stones were placed once again at key points of my body, calming the nervous system and improving circulation. The warm stones and oil were then used to massage my calf and thigh muscles, by which point I was feeling incredibly calm and relaxed, admittedly drifting off a little. To finish the treatment, I was given a wonderful head massage, leaving me completely calm and content.

As winter approaches, this is undoubtedly the perfect winter warming treatment, reinvigorating and soothing the skin and muscles. New to massages, this was an experience that will most definitely have me going back for more, particularly thanks to the lovely staff at Saks in Halifax.     


2-4 Albion St, Town Centre, Halifax HX1 1DU

01422 347509