Style Spotlight: Eco Friendly Fashion

With an ever increasing number of fashion houses under pressure to run their brands more economically friendly, a few brands are already setting ground breaking examples. Fast fashion may be starting to be a thing of the past as people are put under pressure to think more about fair trade fabrics, staff welfare and the carbon footprint of their purchases. Will you be starting to think more of quality over quantity in your wardrobes? Here are our pick of the most trend aware eco conscience brands right now!

People Tree:

A pioneering company when it comes down to fair trade fashion, People Tree have been collaborating with top notch designers like Peter Jenson, Orla Kiely and Laura Ashley to keep their company in the limelight. For the past 20 years they have used natural dyes and high quality fair trade fabrics to make garments made to last in their back lash against fast fashion. With all their workers receiving fair pay and their cotton farmers in developing countries receiving great support your sure to feel good about buying from them. We love their everyday basics in soft jerseys and amazing floral prints!

Stella McCartney:

With 20-30% of all fabrics in every collection being organic and no animal skins or furs used in any products, Stella McCartney is well on her way to producing a very eco-friendly image for her brand. Use of natural dyes using less water are a passion for the brand and all stores have highly energy efficient ways of running, with the new Dallas store run completely on solar energy. Her timeless approach to design ensures that it’s worth saving for an investment piece in your wardrobes.

Annie Greenabelle:

After years of research, Annie Greenabelle launched in 2007 with a completely ‘green’ way of thinking. Using a mixture of ethically and organically made fabrics alongside reclaimed roll-ends they produce amazing quirky high quality garments at reasonable prices. Manufactured in the UK, you won’t have to worry about a high carbon footprint and it’s easy to get your hands on their adorable ditsy prints as they stock it in most major Topshop branches!

American Apparel:

Innovators in staff welfare, American Apparel run a strict ‘sweatshop free’ environment with all clothing made in downtown LA. Bicycle and bus schemes are run at discount prices to encourage low carbon footprints for workers in their solar powered factories with fair wages and excellent health insurance for all workers, setting an excellent example for American companies. On Top of this, 80% of all fabric they used is now completely organic! Their day to day basics are wardrobe staples that last forever.

Urban Renewal at Urban Outfitters:

Now a permanent concession in every Urban Outfitters store and online, Urban Renewal offers old unwanted clothing new life. Reworking vintage clothing and fabrics to produce on trend clothing fitting with their own styles in store, Urban Renewal are paving the way for ‘up cycling’ clothing and giving new life to something old and unwanted. Their team of researchers are constantly scouring flea markets and warehouses to bring exciting new products to the collection without the gallons of water and CO2 emissions of a brand new garment. We love their reworked 90’s style floral slips.



 Feature: Robyn Egerton