Teeth Whitening Review: Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed @ Oasis Dental Care 

Review: Jennifer Bonfield

Thanks the likes of Towie and MIC we all want a set of proper pearly whites, so when I was invited to try out the Philips Zoom! Whitening treatment with Oasis Dental Clinic, I didn’t really hesitate. There are so many unauthorised teeth whitening services in salons these days and beauticians are only required to have minimum training to be able to offer the procedure – it really does make sense to stick with the real pros in the field (yep, the dentist, not the lady that waxes your eyebrows) I’m not saying all salons who offer the teeth whitening services are a no-go, but you do need to do some serious research.  

In terms of professional teeth whitening treatments, it doesn’t get more trusted than that under the name of Philips and under a dental company with a great reputation – Oasis Dental Care. At around £350, this treatment isn’t cheap but it is a dual treatment offering the LED light treatment in-house and the at-home bleaching trays.


The Consultation

I met with dentist Bnar initially so she could check my teeth were suitable for the treatment. The LED light treatment actually gives better results the more stained your teeth are and as mine were quite white already Bnar did say I wouldn’t see a radical change but I can custom the level of whiteness afterwards with the at-home bleaching. At the consultation, the moulds were made for the trays (this was honestly the worst part!!) but it’s only like making your own gum shields (remember high-school hockey anyone?)


The Science

The Hydrogen Peroxide gel breaks down the molecular bonds that are the stains on teeth. The intense light of the Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed LED light is directly focused on the gel which makes the whitening process super speedy.


The LED Light Session  

The session consists of 4 x 15 minute sessions in one appointment. I had my mouth fitted with a silicone protective mouth shield (which was pretty uncomfortable, but bearable), the dentist applied protective gel on my teeth and lips, and then put the light on my teeth for 15 minutes at a time. After each 15 minute session, the gel was removed and reapplied. Once the full 1 hour session is finished I was shown how to use the at-home bleaching trays.


The At Home Kit

The home whitening treatment needs to start on the same day the LED Light treatment has been used. You can use during the day but Bnar advised that using the trays overnight will give best results.

After brushing your teeth, simply dispense a small amount of the gel onto each tooth indentation in the tray and insert over the teeth. Be careful not to overfill and avoid getting the solution onto the gums – if this happens remove the excess with tissue. Do try to be cautious of overfilling as the gel makes contact with the gums it does sting! The trays are surprisingly comfortable. The following morning remove the trays and clean them with a toothbrush and brush teeth as normal.

Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect and this came into effect on the second and third day. Use a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth while brushing, you can also rub the toothpaste direct onto the teeth and you can also take ibuprofen to relieve the pain of sensitivity. The sensitivity subsided on the fouth day.

The minimum duration to preserve the LED whitening results and continued at- home process to whiten is three nights. You can however use the trays consecutively for as long as you need to create the level of whiteness you want to achieve. You can use the bleaching trays to top up whitening as you need but recommended for every 3-6 months for a few days at a time.


The All-White Diet

The aftercare is immensely important to maintain the results and all patients are advised to avoid tea, coffee, red wine, smoking and coloured foods for 48 hours after bleaching. The longer coloured foods / drinks are avoided the more sustainable the results.


The Results

Immediately after the LED Light treatment the results were pretty impressive and my teeth were sparking white but most of this is due to the teeth being dehydrated after the treatment which will fade slightly in the following 24 hrs.

After four days of using the at-home bleaching trays the results were pretty good but to achieve the super TOWIE gleam a longer duration of using the trays is needed. Overall this is a great treatment to be able to tailor the whitening results to the shade you want to achieve.