The Beauty Column: Plus Size Models: The Debate


When someone says the words ‘plus-size’ what do you think of? Because a size 16 with flabby areas is what spring into my mind. Not a curvy size 12 model with a great figure. Robyn Lawley has been in the press an awful lot as of late for her plus-size model ventures. She’s a 24-year-old beautiful Australian model. She’s a NORMAL sized woman who wears NORMAL sized clothes and represents NORMAL women. So why is she being branded as plus-size?


Conventionally, models are very tall, very thin and have boyish figures. Straight up straight down. Who said models couldn’t represent the majority of average women, with flesh and curves? I’m not talking obesity with a side serving of rolls, I’m talking size 12. And when did size 12 become plus-size? What’s even more frustrating is the fact that these women who aren’t a dinky size four have to put up with having two extra words in front of their job title. Are they valued less, just because they’re a few dress sizes bigger? Because they certainly shouldn’t be.


Some people might find slimmer people more appealing to look at but Robyn has a great figure which she should be able to flaunt. Forget the plus-size lark. Why should she have to justify the fact that she’s a model by being branded as plus-size? Young girls see models as inspirational figures, so surely showcasing models in a range of different sizes is a positive message, right? The 6ft 2” brunette beauty has appeared in Ralph Lauren campaigns and also has numerous Vogue covers under her belt, which just proves that you don’t need to be skinny to succeed.


Our bodies come under scrutiny a lot. And as much as we love or loathe our shapes, we’ve all got insecurities. But it’s vital to highlight that resembling catwalk models shouldn’t be at the core of our aspirations. Robyn is a credit to women, regardless of their size. It’s so important, especially in today’s society, to be really careful and sensitive when dealing with topics such as body image. It’s at the centre of some of the most common and significant issues, so If Robyn can spread the message that a size 12 isn’t plus size, society will be taking a step in the right direction.

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