Review: Jamie Roberts 

Nestled in the heart of Covent Garden, the newly opened Patrizia Manias is the second of their London salons, and third to their flagship and original salon in Milan where Patrizia herself still resides.

My stylist Giorgia tells me that the salon was once a map shop, and I can feel the real heartbeat of the warehouse style building despite is minimalist and chic design. It is the perfect mix of stylized with nods to the original features and specially sourced Italian statement furniture. The huge glass windows allow me to watch the world swim by off the streets of Seven Dials, a huge plus for me when I know I’m going to be in a salon for a while- I’ve always loved to people watch!

Patrizia Manias developed her signature cutting style over 20 years ago in Italy. The cut involves parting the hair into 14 individual sections, providing volume and texture for the top of the hair, whilst the rest is blunt cut to give a sense of weight to the bottom of the hair line. I was intrigued, and excited to also experience the full head balayage and treatments on offer.

Giorgia was very welcoming, engaging and knowledgeable, and the team ensured I felt very comfortable, offering me bottled water, the best of italian coffees, and later a glass of prosecco to really transport me to Milan for the afternoon. My hair had been somewhat neglected over the past couple of years, owing to a fear of losing my length after trying to grow it for so long. But despite the length it looked dry and flat, and the colour had largely grown out. Giorgia discussed my aims and also offered her expertise, and we agreed on a full head of ashy balayage, and a good trim and shaping of the front layers around my face using the 14 sectioning technique as my hair is very fine.

The balayage process was meticulously undertaken, using a backcombing technique and foils for a really blended and natural finish, paying close attention to my under layers that have previously been slightly neglected. Giorgia wanted to achieve a look for me that would show off the colour even if I wear my hair up which I often do.

The foils took over an hour to apply and were also taken out gradually to allow for the top to develop. The back washes were the most comfortable I have ever experienced, each separated in leather booth-like cosiness, and with reclining foot rests. I was treated to both an intense conditioning treatment, a scalp exfoliation, a head massage and shampooing using a mint based shampoo that I was told would help to seal in the colour into the hair cuticles. All products used were organic Philip Martin products and smelled beyond delicious.

The cut was so interesting to watch, seeing my hair sectioned and cut using a technique I have never witnessed before, but which appeared natural and effortless at the experienced hands of Giorgia, who informed me that Patrizia herself visits the London salons to share her training and eye for style. I was nervous to see the scissors sculpt away as I love my length but after a blow dry using a narrow round brush and GHD hairdryer I could see how the layering had created the weight I was previously missing from the hair framing my face. A spritz of very lightweight hairspray (Giorgia understood my want to be able to run my fingers through my hair and not for it to feel heavy), and a shine spray the look was complete. I was treated to some before and after photos and a lovely Patrizia Manias silk scarf which I will undoubtedly use to line my pillow for the most luxurious of sleeping experiences for my face and hair!

I usually find that my hair feels dry about 24hrs after a wash and blow dry but three days later and it still feels the silkiest it EVER has, and has maintained its bounce. I am so impressed with the results and would recommend Patrizia Manias for the most pampering of experiences and the most individualised and stunning of hair transformations.

Patrizia Manias

20-22 Shelton St | Covent Garden| London | WC2H 9JJ

020 3474 5295