The Luxe List: Nocturnal Beauty Boost


Whilst you sleep your skins cells rejuvenate themselves and rehydrate ready for the day ahead. These luxurious night creams, serums and oils assist your skin on its journey.

Sisley – Confort Extrême Night – Best for dry or very dry skin, this thick nourishing night cream, replenishes the skins moisture levels. Also recommend for those of us who winter in the Alps and summer in the Caribbean, as it softens the skin from the harsh climate and environment.


Dermalogica – Pure Night – This is one of the best night creams for people with uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation. As well as nourishing, it brightens your skin for a more even complexion and the gluconic acid minimizes surface spots.


L’Occitane – Immortelle Precious Night Cream – Silky and smooth this cream caresses your skin targeting deep wrinkles whilst renewing and regenerating the skins cells. For best results use every night to achieve smoother and firmer skin.


Funcitonalab – Facial Contour Serum – As well as nourishing, this facial serum provides an instant lift, regenerating and plumping skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Best used on mature skin morning and night, on the face and neck areas. It changes the elasticity and tone of the skin giving a youthful appearance.


 Verso – Super Facial Serum – This fluid like serum is filled with a high dose of Retinol 8 complex. It transforms skin whilst aiding the natural production of collagen. Used twice a day it results in brighter skin with an improved texture.


Ren – V Sense Revitalizing Night Cream – One of Ren’s bestsellers, this cream recharges and intensely hydrates the skin, combating the signs of premature ageing. It contains vitamin C and Citroflavonoids to boost and firm and Frankincense and Boswellic Acid to relax facial muscles to help smooth expression lines and wrinkles.


 Murad – Perfecting Night Cream – Dr. Murad is infamous for his formulation in skincare products and he has perfected the night creams. Best suited for dry sensitive skin this formula contains green tea extract and vitamin E to repair any damaged skin, borage seed oil to improve and moisturise the skin and lastly vitamin A to increase cell renewal.


Neal’s Yard – Beauty Sleep Concentrate – This award winning serum is suitable for all skin types, it’s luxurious and lightweight and promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst you sleep. Infused with rich antioxidants, vitamins and oils it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.


Temple Spa – Truffle Noir – In the food world truffles are renowned for being rich and extremely luxurious, the same goes for the truffles in your skincare products. Temple Spa has concocted truffle noir… it has long-term benefits of reducing ageing whilst giving you a clear and radiant complexion. Suitable for both men and women it leaves your skin with a satin-matte finish.


Dermalogica – Overnight Repair Serum – Don’t be deceived by the size of this product, it packs a lot into just 15ml, over the course of your sleep it maximizes skin repair, reducing fine lines and increasing luminosity. A multi use product that can be blended into your everyday moisturiser or can be used directly, packed full of Argan and Rose oils your skin is left renewed and vitalised.