TRAVEL REVIEW: Cathay Pacific – Premium Economy; London Heathrow – Hong Kong

Review: Jennifer Bonfield

I was lucky enough to have a window seat at the front of the Premium Economy section which meant I had so much leg room I could fully stretch out my legs in front of me. I’m only 5’ tall but still this is an epic bonus. When the novelty of stretching my legs straight out waned there is a adjustable foot rest which can be pulled up from underneath the seat – when on a 13 hour night flight any change of legs position / maneuver really helps. As there was no seats in front of me it meant  there was no getting ‘trapped in’ from the passenger in front fully reclining their seat as the plane takes off which was is excellent. C’mon people, at least give the fellow passenger folk behind you an hour without maximum restriction on long-haul!

The are only two seats on the outer rows of the plane which meant I only had to step over one person on leg-stretching /toilet trips/ chatting to my co-traveller breaks, and when I say ‘step-over’ this actually wasn’t the case – I could get out of my seat and just walk around my flight companions outstretched legs – biggest bonus ever. I love a window seat (calms my flying fear nerves when I can actually see the plane leaving the ground – odd? Yes but it works for me) but the problem with a window seat is having to climber over the usual 2 other people in the middle and aisle seat to get out.

The seats reclined to a great sleeping angle and were extra wide and the arm rests were double the width of armrests in economy – me and my plane neighbor happily shared the arm rest without so much of a territorial elbow nudge at any point.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy (4)

There was a mini table on the end of each armrest – just enough room to rest your drink without faffing around in a full on regular table assemble.

Entertainment-wise there was a good selection of films from new / pre releases to British classics and Asian cinema. Noise cancelling headphones were provided and the reading lights were positioned diagonally above the seats to give the best light angle to where you naturally hold a book over your lap,  rather than straight in your eyes from above.

Plentiful fluffy, soft blankets were provided along with pillows and an amenity kit which contained toothbrush, toothpaste , eye mask, socks, and earplugs (essential on a night flight).

Once all passengers were boarded and before take-off, Champagne, water and orange juice were offered from the air hostess around the cabin. The food was superior in comparison to Economy class. For dinner there were menu options of Hong Kong style curry prawns with steamed jasmine rice and broccoli, grilled Australian prime beef tenderloin with new potatoes, spinach and pumpkin, or a vegetarian option of spinach with cottage cheese, cumin basmati rice, and bean potato masala – all finishing with Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. For breakfast it was fresh fruit, yogurt, pan-fried veal sausage, hash brown, cherry tomato and braised beans, as well as croissant with fruit preserver and butter along with tea or coffee.

The customer service from the fantastic airline staff was refreshingly genuine; friendly and super accommodating, even when I ordered midnight snacks and drinks when everyone else was asleep.

I arrived in Hong Kong fresh and rested and ready to sample to Cathay Pacific Champagne Bar in The Bridge Lounge on the 2 hour stopover before jumping on our connecting flight with Dragonair to Phuket.


CX The Bridge - The Bridge features the luminous reception wall, made of Venetian glass tiles by Fabbian of Italy

Cathay Pacific flies from London Heathrow to Hong Kong five times daily and from Manchester to Hong Kong four times per week, and onwards to over 190 destinations globally. For further information, visit or call 0208 834 8888.

The Premium Economy return price from London Heathrow to Phuket, including taxes, starts from £1,839 per person.