To celebrate World Sleep Day we’ve hand picked some fabulous beauty buys that will either help you drift off to the world of slumber or work extra hard with beauty-boosting benefits during those nocturnal hours. We could all do with a bit of extra shut eye and some help to relax and unwind at night – as this is when we  reap the maximum benefits of lovely restorative sleep. So stock up and make nightly slumber your new top priority. 


Temple Spa Repose Relaxing Night Cream 50ml, £40,

This is at one of our absolute favourites when is comes to aromatherapy beauty buys. This velvet textured night cream is infused with chamomile, frankincense and  lavender.



Lush Twilight Sleep Body Spray 200ml, £20,

This is often described by Lush fans as ‘a sleep lullaby’. We’d agree!



Subtle Energies Sleep Support Program Prescription Kit, £177,

Reset your bodys circadian rhythms for optimum restful sleep with this specialised program prescription.  Subtle Energies founder has included her most loved formulas, first prescribed in her clinic in the 1990s. The Facial Blend  is a cell renewing serum which combats anxiety and emotional imbalance using active ingredients of Mogra and Indian Rose. The Bliss Blend is infused with Kashmir Lavender, Kewda (known as the dream oil) and Jatamansi, known to ground and balance Vata (Air & Ether energy),to promote restful sleep. This kit also includes the newly developed inhalation patches which release active aromas on a self-adhesive patch allowing a slow scented releases while you sleep. This soothing and rejuvenating aromatic therapy system comes complete with an easy step by step guide to ensure the soundest of slumber.

Lush Sleep Massage Bar, 75g, £8,00,

This solid massage oil bar melts when held between hands to offer a glorious lavender and organic cocoa butter scent.

Aldi Perfect Pillow, £12.99,

This clever pillow is made of 4 removable pads which can be added or removed to provide you with the ideal (and interchangeable) sleeping position. So whether you like a firm pillow with support or you like to sleep on a pillow akin to a fluffy cloud, this is the pillow to add to your next shopping list.

The Organic Pharmacy Jasmine Bath Oil, 100ml, £45.95,

Use this luxurious bath oil as part of your pre sleep routine and let it relax your senses and nourish your skin.


The Organic Pharmacy Magnesium Stress Complex 60 caps, £20,

Known as anti-stress minerals, Magnesium and Calcium work together to promote sleep and support the  immune system for a great de-stress boost.


Algenist Genius Sleeping Collagen, £88,

If you’re looking for a night cream that is loaded with anti-aging, skin repairing properties then  this is for you. Packed with skin plumping  collagen, collagen amino acids and ceramides, this is the ticket to radiant, refreshed looking skin by morning.

This Works’ Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, £19.50,

Let this pillow spritz help you drift off by surrounding your senses with sleep inducing aromas.

Sanctuary Spa De-Stress Bath Salts, £8.00 –

Packed with de-stressing magnesium and relaxing lavender, this bath salts have a boosted sleep and relaxation benefits.


Indeed Labs In-Circadian Night Mask 50ml, £24.99,

This ultra moisturising night mask is developed to work alongside the overnight regeneration process, which the skin (and whole body) works at it’s hardest to replenish and repair.


Olew Satin Sleep Bonnet, £10, 

Keep those tresses in tip top shape overnight, a sleep bonnet will help prevent hair breakage.