The Beauty Column: Blake Lively – Beauty Crush

You can 100% blame my Blake Lively girl crush on Netflix. I’ve been well and truly sucked in and it’s an addiction which spiralled out of control when I discovered Gossip Girl. It might be so 2007 but it’s oh so good. If you’ve got a few days to spare then I challenge you to watch season one without getting hooked. Deal?

It’s not a miracle worker on the old self esteem what with perfectly preened people in every scene (Nathaniel Fitzwilliam I’m looking at you), but it offers a good storyline and a prime chance to completely and utterly fall in love with Blake Lively’s hair. I’m talking a whole head of long blonde locks here ladies.

I think the most standout people are the ones who look effortlessly beautiful. Makeup is of course a helpful tool, but natural beauty always shines through and Blake is the epitome of flawless. I’ve never been a blondie but for some reason I can appreciate a great blonde and Blake takes the blonde bombshell status to a whole new level.

blake lively 1

And I’m sure her hubby Ryan Reynolds agrees. Yep, she’s officially his wife. I’m writing this through silent sobs while I wallow in the fact that they’re probably the most beautiful couple to have ever graced this earth. But what does she do to maintain that gorgeous glow and sassy style?

Blake has admitted that growing up in California meant she always had a tan but SPF and a good bronzer are important. Ready for a budget exclusive? She swears by the L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection moisturiser for refining pores. I think Blake backing budget is literally the best thing I’ve heard all year.

Now onto the subject of her incredibly perfect hair I’ve been coveting since I can remember. Blake puts coconut oil through the lengths and ends to make it really shiny. Don’t fear girls, it’s not just us average Annie’s who suffer with bad hair days. Blake gets them too (phew), but leaves in a hair mask to fight the frizz.

One thing Blake believes is that being true to yourself can be transferred from everyday life into beauty, too. She feels if you wear something with confidence, then you’ll look great. Your beauty choices are meant to be a reflection of yourself and who you are and Blake stresses not to wear something just because it’s on trend.

Her effortless appearance may be explained by the fact that she revealed to Harpers Bazaar that she responds to people who look effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise. She’s a bonafide Gucci girl now that she’s the face of Gucci Première fragrance and in the words of the goddess herself, ‘whatever is you, is awesome’.

It seems that Lively really is as lovely as she looks. Did I mention that she’s married to Ryan Reynolds?

blake and ryan

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