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This year Kear has brought us a multitude of gorgeous gifting ideas, from spa-inspired kits, daily skincare regimes, hydrating hero bundles, and a super luxe holistic wellness collection. Covering stocking fillers to super special gifts, this year Kear makes sure we can give gorgeous skincare whilst being mindful and kind to our precious environment.

Greek, natural skincare brand Kear (κέᾰρ®) have won a serious stack of editorial awards for their fantastic, nourishing, and natural formulas; Beauty Shortlist, Mama & Baby, Beauty Bible, and Top Sante – are just a few titles that have dished our top spots for Kear’s skincare.

With a strong focus on beauty minimalism Kear’s ethos is ‘less is more’, an approach fostered by the ancient Greek’s who favoured multi-use products blended with natural, herbal ingredients such as Beeswax and Olive Oil.

Minimal ingredients make sure Kear’s formulas are concentrated, super-nourishing treats, and include only the good stuff – which means no artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, or toxic preservatives. To cut down on product and packaging waste all products are housed in glass bottles and jars, wooden lids and packed in carton boxes – all elements of which are recyclable.

Here are our Top 10 gifts picks: 

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weKear  Spa at Home Beauty Kit, £42

weKear  Sports & Wellness Beauty Kit, £42

weKear  Protect Regenerate Beauty Kit, £45

weKear  Cleanse Moisturise Beauty Kit, £45


weKear  Protect Prevent Beauty Kit, £45

weKear  Moisturise Restore Beauty Kit, £77

weKear  Double Hydrate Beauty Kit, £77

weKear  Revive Repair Beauty Kit, £77

weKear  Holistic & Wellness Beauty Kit, £130

weKear  SofiLip x 3 Natural Lip Balm Bundle, £22.50