Fingers crossed, it’s nearly time to dust off the suitcase in preparation for summer holiday season. Whether you are jetting off to far flung climes or traveling light on a super city break, these essential travel-sized haircare products from Easilocks are just the ticket. All available in hand luggage approved sizes (max 100ml) so you can forget bulky bottles and stock up on our personal mini favourites instead –  after all, we always need to make room for more bikinis and beachwear without compromising on our beauty routine.

Bressie’s A Lust for Life Ironmind Triathlon specifically for beginners

    • Travel Size Conditioner 100 ml £7.99 GBP
    • Travel Size Shampoo 100 ml £7.99 GBP
    • Travel Size Leave In Conditioner 100 ml £8.99 GBP
    • Travel Size Rose Gold Oil 50ml £13.50 GBP
    • Fabrique 50ml £5.99 GBP