Beauty News: Queen’s Cosmetics Launch Skin Cream Plus


Who says there isn’t an anti-ageing solution for dry and sensitive skin…if you struggle to find such a solution, you won’t want to be without Queen’s latest skincare addition!

Enriched with all the goodness of Queen’s classic Skin Cream, NEW Skin Cream Plus goes one step further with its skin-boosting peptide to help give mature women who suffer from dry and sensitive skin a younger looking complexion! The UK’s sensitive skin specialists create amazing products with minimal ingredients to ensure that they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin conditions, including eczema and acne. So, if you suffer from sensitive skin, you know one of their ranges will be right for you!

The new Skin Cream Plus is an intensive emollient balm which restores skin so it’s smooth, supple and soft! Now it glides on more effortlessly as the gloss-like consistency is extremely absorbable and quenches the skin as it settles! You’ll find that your skincare routine can be stress-free with maximum results! Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced; dry patches cleared with no irritation in the slightest…perfection!

Simply pump out the formula and use all over your face and neck twice a day, focusing more so on any problem areas!

£25.45 Available now at 

News: Heidi Fox