Review: Jamie Roberts 

Having seen 111SKIN dominate the beauty halls of Harrods, I was very excited to visit its Harley Street clinic and facial bar. I was booked for the clarity anti blemish facial (£180), a targeted treatment to purify, refine and calm problematic skin. Like many women in their 30s I thought that the days of breakouts and enlarged pores should be well and truly behind me, but living in London means that air pollution and a fast paced lifestyle really plays havoc with my face. Hours spent staring in the mirror at the start of fine lines around the eyes, and blackheads in my oily t-zone has left me confused about my skin type and how best to target all areas. I needed a cleansing kick start and some professional advice so that I could ditch the ever growing cabinet collection of lotions and potions and deliver my skin the real ingredients it needs.

I was greeted by the lovely Sam, who was very welcoming and professional, and ensured I felt safe by temperature checking and hand sanitising to comply with covid protocols. The clinic was calm and inviting yet maintained an almost surgical cleanliness. My consultation was thorough and Sam explained to me that all of their facials are tailored to the individual client and that after examining my skin she would offer a bespoke service to cater to the needs of my every pore.

111SKIN was formulated by Dr Yannis Alexandrides, and was born from the use of accelerating healing in post-surgical patients. Their product profile has grown tremendously, and uses the NAC Y2  trio complex to stimulate intracellular antioxidants and strengthen skin for a youthful appearance. Sam explained to me that whilst many facials leave you with fresher looking skin, the technologies and products used in 111SKIN are specifically tailored to work deeper for continued enhancement.

Due to my breakouts and intermittent dryness I have always described my skin type as combination, but Sam offered me a real ‘AHA moment’ when she examined my face and explained that I do in fact have very sensitive skin and my over-use of harsh products to target blemishes has led to the dry areas and ultimately to further breakouts. What impressed me the most was Sam’s ability to immediately select the products required and offer a really bespoke facial treatment plan. I was offered the addition of the Luna28 high frequency laser to target deeper skin layers, and work in conjunction with the sensitive skin products to enhance regeneration. Sam wanted to give me the best possible treatment that would not require any downtime afterwards.

She began by making me comfortable and protecting my hair with a soft cloth band. With the use of warm mitts she carefully cleansed my face and opened my pores. After cleansing my skin Sam used the 111SKIN clinical exfoliator to refine and smooth. This non-abrasive exfoliator uses AHA acids to retexture, and I was pleased to hear that they use botanical blends of rosemary to calm and reduce irritation. Whilst I love to the advances in the scientific approach to skincare I am passionate about the use of natural products and their power to heal and nurture. Aside from the lovely aroma, it felt wonderful on my skin and acted as a smooth base for Sam to get to work with the gentle vacuum around my blemishes and t-zone to gently extract impurities. Then it was on to the coveted Luna28 laser. My eyes were covered for protection and Sam slowly worked around my face and jaw line-a completely painless and warming sensation.

To calm the skin I was then treated to an anti-blemish bio cellulose facial mask, a film mask that moulds onto the face delivering instant hydrating and collagen producing nourishment. The mask is designed to sooth the skin and balance the skin microbiome (this is a whole other area I could now talk about forever- who knew?!) Unlike other cellulose masks this one has been developed as a dual-segment, allowing it to target zone-specific impurity triggers. The upper mask treats spots related to diet, environment etc. and the lower one is specifically for those annoying hormonal breakouts around the mouth and jawline. This was exactly what I was looking for- a regime that targets all areas without the need for a degree in skincare!

Two other takeaway gems of wisdom from Sam that will change my skincare habits forever were these- SPF is imperative every morning, especially for those with sensitive skin, and that even if you think you have oily skin never skip on moisture- in fact she used a wonderfully light hyaluronic acid aqua boosteron my skin prior to the final moisturiser and SPF. The low- molecular weight serum worked deep into the epidermis to hydrate me from the inner layer out, and locked in surface hydration for a weightless, refreshed and almost dewy look without the feeling of sticky or heavy moisture. This product was a game changer and went against all previous fear of heavy serums or creams.


When Sam handed me the mirror I expected to see a slightly pink and shiny face looking back at me. So my heart did a little leap when I was confronted with an even skin tone, tight pores and a real youthful glow. Sam said I was welcome to apply make-up before leaving if I wanted to, but I honestly felt like I never want to apply make-up again! I have spent years trying to cultivate a skincare regime and get to know my skin. It may have taken to my 30s, but with the help of Sam and 111SKIN I now feel like I have nurtured a trusting and loyal relationship.

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