Beauty Review: Linda Meredith Haute Couture Facial, Knightsbridge, London 


Review: Georgie Bentley-Buckle

Linda Meredith’s star-studded list of clientele assures confidentiality surrounds her products and treatments. With over 20 years of experience her treatments and sought after products certify her clients return again and again because, shock horror – they actually work! Results based and consistently effective, Linda’s no sugar coating philosophy and with the technique of effective facials, consistent home care and good quality products provide a refreshing and realistic perfective.

Discreetly located a hop, skip and jump from Harrods, Linda’s HQ is unfussy, friendly, relaxed and welcoming. Glamorously and appropriately named, I was booked in to receive Linda’s signature Haute Couture facial, a bespoke treatment which involves a deep cleanse with a fine layer of glycolic, a mask to push a vitamin enriched cream deep into the layers of skin and Linda’s signature Oxygen serum – described as one of nature’s most powerful healing elements. And whilst there are many oxygen treatments available, what makes the LM oxygen treatments unique is the combination of medical grade oxygen and the vitamin- enriched serum. This is one of the reasons that Linda Meredith’s facial was recently named one of London’s top 10 by Conde Nast Traveller. This relaxing and satisfying treatment consists of a tailored treatment to my skin type, starting at £135.

Over her years of experience in the ever evolving beauty industry Linda is one to listen to and knows what she’s talking about. Over time Linda has noted dramatic changes in the way that skin has evolved. Following extensive research Linda uncovered how in the last 60 years toxins that permeate our modern day atmosphere are making considerable changes to the quality of our skin. A gap in the market, it became quickly clear that products currently available on the market were not addressing this overlooked issue, preferring to stick comfortably to ‘oily, dry, dehydrated and combination’ formulas. In light of this Linda has created her own skincare range which instead of dealing with skin types, the products target skin problems head on.


One mistake that so many women make with their skin is that they use the same products day in day out throughout the year. And when thinking about it, this concept makes total sense. Think about your wardrobe, when the winter months draw in you’ll automatically adjust your wardrobe accordingly – why don’t we apply this mentality to our beauty regime? Over the years it became blindingly clear that like our body, our skin needs a combination of nutrients. LM products are designed to be layered on one after the other, depending on what your skin needs and the time of year. Our skin is always changing, and Linda believes that it is vital to use products depending on what the skin needs that day, definitely something to consider.

Some of Linda Meredith’s stand out products include her V-Tox which was voted the “Best alternative to Botox” by Tatler magazine recently.  V-Tox is a unique botanical cream designed to relax the skin in a natural way. Neuro-peptides and algae surround the muscles with proteins and block contraction of the dermis which leads to a smooth and tightened appearance, naturally. V-Tox starts at £66.

‘Amazon’ is her absolute best seller. This ground-breaking product helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier adding softness and smoothness. It contains powerful anti-oxidants ten times higher than red grapes making it the strongest defence against free radicals that can damage the skin. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory balm soothing skin aggravated by environmental factors and is highly effective in calming any skin irritations caused by breakouts. Full of Anti-oxidents, Vitamins A and C and powerful berries harvested from the Amazon, it has an immediate effect on the skin – particularly dry skin. Amazon starts at £59.

Linda Meredith’s Eye- Countour Gel is unlike anything else on the market.  On sensitive skin many eye gels can leave your eyes puffy, (because when we sleep our eyes have no movement to help disperse heavy eye cream), the LM Eye-Contour Gel is superfine and highly absorbent. All the actives here are easily absorbed into the eye-lid as well as the surrounding areas. Also, whilst traditional Eye-Gels target specific results; reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles or filling fine lines. Linda Meredith Eye-Contour Gel is a fusion of carefully chosen high potency actives, designed to treat all of these symptoms at the same time. Cost: £59

It is clear that Linda Meredith’s faithful and loyal following has a domino effect, and for good reason – this is one beauty guru who has under her belt a plethora of effective products and treatments that actually achieve results. These exceptional and consistent results ensure clients return time and time again, receiving treatments that deliver A-list worthy skin.

Linda Meredith Beauty Skincare | 6 Beauchamp Pl | Knightsbridge | London SW3 1NU

020 7225 2755