Beauty Review: Slow Aging Essential Facial Essence (£56)
Review: Jennifer O’Shea – Editor 


This post is in partnership with Slow Ageing 

When this landed on my desk I have to be honest, I thought the brand name was a bit, well, boring. It didn’t make me want to immediately try it. However my skin has been feeling really dry lately – all the central heating being cooped up in-doors probably is a big culprit.

I have tried several products over the last few weeks in the quest to give my thirsty skin a much needed shot of hydration and nothing so far has cut the mustard. So as I had this essence to hand I thought I’d give it a go…well HELLO HYDRATION!

From the moment I dispensed a few drops onto my hands I knew I was going to love it and the zingy scent of citrus  instantly uplifted my senses.

This is pitched as an oil formula but feels really more a cross between an oil and a serum and when I applied it to my skin it felt positively luxurious. I would recommend using at night as it leaves a very dewy finish and needs a while to fully absorb into the skin.

I’ve used this for a few nights in a row now and it is exactly what my dry, dull complexion needed. An excellent winter skincare investment.