Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

Whether it’s shaving our legs or waxing our bikini line, we all have unwanted hair and endure the painful or time-consuming process of removing it.

Laser hair removal is becoming a more and more popular method to blitz body fuzz for good. And when I was invited to try out EF Medispa in St John’s Wood, I jumped at the chance to experience their Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment.

To ensure that you aren’t allergic to the procedure, the salon requires that you have a patch test at least 24 hours before. So I popped down the day before to get this done and also chat about my targeted areas.

Entering this friendly salon, I was warmly greeted and offered a drink while I sat down to fill out the mandatory forms of personal information and listing any allergies. I then headed in to a room to discuss my wishes with a consultant.

As a teenager, I had foolishly ignored my mum’s advice and taken to a razor on the fair hair on my stomach/torso area. And of course, the result meant over the years I had a few small patches of dark hair where the shaving had taken place.

I was told that it would take around three to four sessions to remove the hair. My patch test was done and with no sign of a reaction on my skin, I headed back the next day to have my first session.

EF Medispa uses a cutting edge Soprano laser to carry out the treatment. Its advanced diode laser technology works by distributing light through the skin and into the hair root, which then destroys the cell so that they can no longer produce hair. Prior to each session, it’s also important that you shave off any hair from the area that’s being treated.


Placing the protective eye glasses on, I relaxed down on to the bed while the therapist worked the laser over the specific skin areas. The clever device keeps carrying out the process on the skin until it’s killed as many cells as possible; each time it bleeps to indicate that area has been done.

Despite sounding a bit scary, there’s barely any pain during the process (I have a very low pain threshold so can promise this!) and you experience just a slight warming sensation to the skin as the laser is used.

Once both areas were done, a cooling gel was applied on the skin. I was advised to exfoliate on the affected areas the next day in the shower – this helps to remove any new hairs emerging.

I had two more sessions at EFI Medispa to help blitz away any pesky hairs. Each time, I was impressed at both the speediness and professionalism from the staff.

And best of all? I now have barely any hair and don’t have to take to the painstakingly long process of hair removal cream or shaving! I only wish I’d done it sooner…

Three sessions of Soprano Ice Hair Removal cost between £100 and £600, depending on the area.

69, St John’s Wood High Street, NW8 7NL