Fashion News: Cara Delevingne Stars in Fendi Film


A short horror-esque film, directed by the infamous Karl Lagerfeld, featuring the Autumn

Winter 13 Fendi collection, stars Cara Delevingne and Saskia de Brauw. Think of it as a

teaser trailer for Cara’s acting skills, which we will get to see in full swing when British movie,

Kids in Love, hits the big screen.

The Fendi film sees Cara and Saskia escorted into a creepy grand mansion, in the dead

of night, where they are met by a sinister looking Lady Amanda Harlech. The pair is lead

through the eerie mansion by Harlech, who is holding a candelabrum, adding to the spinechilling aesthetic already created by the old-timey horror soundtrack. After being sat to eat

a magnificent dinner, the girls decide to make a run for it, and are eventually rescued by a

rather handsome chap.

The film gives off a horror movie vibe, however, nothing much really happens. We see a

frightened and tearful Cara, but are honestly left feeling just a little confused. What we can

say though is that the fur-filled collection looks truly splendid!

Lucy Dixon