Bohemian Living


Why not inject some boho vibes into your home, with a charming mixture of vibrant colours, patterns and cultures. Opt for pieces that create a sort of collection aesthetic, choosing home decor that is influenced by cultures all over the world. The key to bohemian style interiors is looking for pieces that have a handcrafted feel to them! Here are some bohemian style pieces for the home, to get you started with creating your very own boho boudoir.

Elma Chai Pouffe

Update your room in an instant with this chic boho Pouffe, in Aztec patterned upholstery.


Lounge Lacquered Walnut Rattan Low Chair

The low rattan chair is partly constructed from bamboo, and has a modern yet laid-back feel to it.


Oriental Lanterns

Far Eastern style intricate metal lanterns in a selection of white, blue and green hues.


Frith Tugs Tribal Print Rug

Make a statement with this striking rug, that would look great in both a modern or traditional home.

from £199.50

Set of 4 Handpainted Sunshine Cups

Add instant colour to your kitchen with these small pretty boho hand painted patterned cups.


Shadow Squat Pendant Light

What a stunning lighting feature this will make in the home, with its architecturally striking silhouette.


Wooden/Metal Trinket Box

The mix of wood and metal is perfect for a boho theme, along with it’s beautifully intricate design.


Patchwork Floor Cushion Salmon Pink

The perfect way to recreate the bohemian vibes is with floor cushions. Why not try this gorgeous on from Jasmineway, made using old ralli woollen quilt as a base and intricate embroidery on the top.


Side Table Grey

Woven pieces are always welcome in a bohemian home, sticking to the handcrafted aesthetic


Reclaimed Encaustic Tiles

These gorgeous tiles will make for a lovely feature on any wall; in the kitchen, above the fire place or even the bathroom.


Feature: Lucy Dixon