Lifestyle News: Tactus Smooch iPhone Case


Forget your selfie stick, there’s a new accessory in town. Make FaceTime hands-free and take super steady selfies without the awkward arm angling (you know what we mean!) with this ingenious Tactus Smooch iPhone Case. The micro suction technology sticks to smooth surfaces, working best on mirrors and glass. It wont leave a sticky residue and it completely reusable.  With our iPhone attached on the mirror ahead, we’ve figured out the new way to FaceTime those all important Saturday night ‘what to wear’ conversations whilst simultaneously doing our hair & make up – what’s not to love?

Available for iPhone 6, 6s, 5, 5s, 5C  from Argos, Amazon and Tactus, RRP £9.99

All products are also available to purchase from

Selected items can be purchased at Selfridges, Maplin and Staples.