It’s an all too familiar mealtime scenario for every parent, featuring an endless supply of bibs, being relentlessly pulled off every two minutes, and even in the short space of time that they do remain in place, they frustratingly don’t serve much of a purpose in collecting the ever increasing food that didn’t quite make it into our little ones mouths.

Baby Boosa (meaning kiss) was launched in August 2020, by parents with a desire to create a solution for their own child’s somewhat messy weaning journey. Keen to design a pragmatic solution, combined with their love of fashion, and passion for sustainability, they created a purposefully crafted collection of products, designed to give a stylish, sustainable and practical experience for children and parents.

Baby Boosa products are made from platinum food grade silicone that is BPA, phthalate, and PVC free. The range includes super soft silicone bib designs, which offer a secure and comfy adjustable fit, solving the issue of the too easy to remove predecessors, and come complete with a deep front pocket, to collect any residual mess. The collection also comprises of a number of other thoughtfully crafted weaning and mealtime essentials, including a bowl and spoon set, and a cloud shaped plate which features four different compartments, complete with suction bases, to keep them firmly secure and in place at mealtimes. Each product comes in a range of on-trend colours, from concrete grey, riviera blue, to a beautiful shade of dusky pink.

Sustainability and environmental impacts are a big deal for this brand; therefore, the use of single use plastic has been entirely eliminated, from factory production right through to the delivery of the end product, which arrives in a special, re-useable storage bag, perfect to keep your items together during outings, while adding a touch of luxury.

Baby Boosa have undoubtedly provided a welcome solution to a chaotic mealtime conundrum, while looking after the environment at the same time, and for this, we wholeheartedly approve!