Aromatherapy Associates Launches Atomiser Connect

The Atomiser Connect waterless diffuser has dual diffusion pods allowing you to switch effortlessly between essential oil blends to infuse any room with mood-enhancing scents and allow for a seamless transition in wellbeing moments from morning through to night. With its nebulising technology, the Atomiser Connect disperses the essential oil into a micro-fine mist directly from the bottle for a pure and long-lasting aromatherapy experience. Once charged, it is fully portable, meaning it can move around your home with you, allowing you to scent scape each room for optimal benefit.


In addition to the controls on the device, the Atomiser Connect can be controlled through a specially curated app, which can be easily downloaded to your iPhone or Android. Through the app you can create custom diffusion schedules and intensity to fit your routine, mood and space. From scheduling Deep Relax for when you walk through the door after a busy day to a morning burst of Revive to set up your day in the most powerful way.

Key features of the NEW Atomiser Connect:

  • Waterless, heatless and portable
  • Dual diffusion pods to effortlessly switch between scents
  • App controlled to allow for creation of custom diffusion schedules and intensities to fit with your routine
  • Nebulising technology to disperse micro-fine mists for a long-lasting wellbeing moments
  • Mindful breathing and light colour wheel for guided meditation


The Atomiser Connect is now available at for £185.