Words: Kathryn Lewsey

If youre in need of a brightening boost for your complexion, Vitamin C is key to any skincare routine, and we love the latest collection to drop from Germaine de Capuccini. With a whole line of products packed with the purest form of Vitamin C, it means it’s 100% effective when applied to skin. A holy grail of skincare, Vitamin C is perfect for evening the skin tone, delaying ageing and leaving a gorgeous glow.

In the collection there’s the Timexpert Radiance C+Illuminating Antioxidant Cream (£69.00) and Timexpert Radiance C+Illuminating Antioxidant Emulsion (£69.00)  – the cream is for normal/dry skin and the emulsion for oily complexions. Both products provide antioxidant protection, hydrate skin and renew radiance. The Timexpert Radiance C+ Pure C10 Concentrate (£79.50) contains the highest concentration of Vitamin C (10%), along with with Ferulic Acid, and Vitamin E, which together creates a powerful barrier against free radicals and photoageing.

Designed specifically for your peepers, there’s also Antioxidant Eye Contour (£45.35), which delivers a host of rejuvenating ingredients deep into the skin. Brightening and revitalising the eye area, it’s perfect for keeping the delicate eye area looking fresh, bright and supple.

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