Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

Bespoke Flower Facial at Chantecaille Beauty Suit, Harrods

87 – 135 Brampton Road, London, SW1X 7XL


Harrods and Chantecaille are two iconic brands, so when I heard that the pair had collaborated, I knew I couldn’t resist checking it out.


Chantecaille has its own beauty suite at Harrods and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the brand has revitalised its facial menu with an exciting drop of treatments designed to calm, soothe and transform skin.


I dropped by one Friday afternoon to check it out and unsurprisingly, was not left disappointed.

On the lower ground floor of the store, a whole array of beauty suites can be found, including Chantecaille’s. Arriving at the chic reception, I was warmly greeted by my therapist, Shally and whisked away to a room where the Chantecaille magic happens.


As you’d expect, the space was brimming in a huge selection of Chantecaille products – any skin lover’s dream! The low-lit room had a soothing ambience and a gorgeous backdrop wall featuring a huge photo of stunning, colourful flowers.


Shally left me to get comfy into the super soft bed, returning after five minutes when I was ready to go.


I was booked in for the Bespoke Flower Facial, a treatment which uses botanical formulas tailored to work specifically with your skin.


Before the day of my treatment, I’d filled out a form listing any skin concerns and areas I wanted targeted (irritated skin and puffy eyes being my top worries). Assessing my skin, Shally also pointed out that my complexion was quite dry, so that she would also focus on products that would help to rehydrate it.

Starting off, Shally spritzed the brand’s Rose de Mai Face Oil over my face, which helped to awaken my senses and instantly helped me to unwind.


To get my skin squeaky clean, Shally then gently double-cleansed my face, firstly using the Flower Infused Cleansing Milk and then the Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser.


Working to get rid of those fine lines and crow’s feet, Shally then massaged the Stress Repair Concentrate Eye Cream into the skin under and around my eyes. I could already feel a difference as she expertly worked the cream into my skin, helping to de-puff the bags under my eyes. I almost nodded off as she soothingly kneaded the product into my skin and smoothed out wrinkles.

After applying a soothing rose face oil onto my skin, she then treated my skin to a gorgeous, creamy Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask. Enriched with vitamin B5 and macadamia oil, it’s perfect for skin in need of a moisture boost (much like mine!).


Ten minutes later, Shally gently washed the product away and applied the brand’s Flower Harmonising Cream to nourish and revitalise my dry, irritated skin. And to protect my skin from the sun, she then applied the Ultra Sun Protection SPF45.


Helping to keep my skin bright and moisturised, she finished things off with a healthy dose of Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence and second helping of Stress Repair Concentrate to really soothe my puffy, tired eyes.

It was a struggle to get up from the bed after – I felt so relaxed and any tension from the week had disappeared. Looking at my skin, it was clear to see that the facial had made a real impact there, too. My complexion was silky soft to touch and looked visibly smoother.


For a relaxing treat and skin pick-me-up, I really couldn’t recommend this facial enough. My skin looked better than it had done in ages and an hour of Shally’s expertise had left me feeling serene and rejuvenated. What more could you ask for?


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