Hair Botox at Inanch London

220 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5QP


Located just stone’s throw away from Great Portland Street station, Inanch is a salon that offers everything from hair extensions and treatments to barnet colouring and even beauty treatments.


I was recently invited to check out the salon and naturally, jumped at the chance. Booked in for the Inanch’s hair botox treatment – one that’s created to banish frizz – I couldn’t wait to say goodbye to my unruly barnet.


Walking into the sleek salon, I was warmly greeted at reception and led through to meet Senior Stylist, Ivan, who was booked in to carry out my treatment.


The interior of the salon itself is super stylish with a monochrome colour theme and statement gold light shades. Despite its glam, chic feel, the ambience of the salon was very friendly, eliminating the frosty vibe that’s felt in some salons.


Sitting down with Ivan, he talked me through each step of the process, explaining how the treatment would make my hair more manageable, which means I wouldn’t be relying on harmful heated styling so much. If I wasn’t sold before, now I most definitely was.


I was taken over to the secluded basin room, where Ivan thoroughly washed my locks to prepare the cuticles for the treatment. Back on the main floor, he then got to work, meticulously combing the treatment through my entire hair.

Once applied, I was left to flick through magazines and sip tea for around thirty minutes, when the treatment had worked its magic. I was led back to the basin for a second wash, before heading back to my chair to get it blowdried and straightened.


Ivan demonstrated expertise as he dried my strands into a sleek finish and then worked the straighteners through my hair to seal in the treatment. My barnet already felt so much smoother and silkier than before – which is always a good sign.


I’ve had a few hair smoothing treatments before that have taken hours to do or have left my strands feeling greasy and heavy, but not with this one. The process was speedy and my hair felt fresh and light.

The results have already proven just how life-changing this treatment is. Usually, washing my hair would require plenty of heated styling, but I only needed to quickly blast it with a hairdryer to get the frizz-free, super sleek finish my heart desires.


Inanch is such a great salon as it gives you a slice of luxury and escapism, while remaining inviting and friendly. And the hair results are just as good as the ambience – I’m made up with my locks that no longer become a frizzy, unruly mess after one drop of rain.