Review: Kathryn Lewsey

Let’s face it, most of us want whiter teeth. There are heaps of at-home whitening treatments out there, but they can be harmful to gums and the tooth enamel. So, when I heard about Sonisk Smile I was intrigued.


Created by Professor. Dr Edward Lynch – who’s listed as one of the world’s top 100 dentists – the concept involves a combination of chair side and at-home treatment. Plus, it’s backed by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur, Touker Suleyman.


Stopping by the Sonisk Smile store at Shepherd’s Bush, I had an appointment with one of the dentists who works there. This first step takes place in the store and involves a professional starting off your teeth whitening journey.


Starting off, a lip and cheek retractor in my mouth, which allowed her to clearly see all of my teeth. Using a bristle brush, she then precisely applied the whitening gel to my teeth. The gel, which is an alkaline-based formula, has been developed for the past 30 years and is even suitable for sensitive teeth.


Next, a mouth shield was placed over my teeth, along with a blue light which helps to activate the gel. I was left for thirty minutes to relax while the gel got to work on boosting the whiteness of my teeth.

Once the time was up, the shield and retractor was moved.  The dentist had taken photos before the treatment and took another one after. Comparing the two photos, I could already see an obvious difference.


I was then handed the at-home kit and informed that I had to carry out the same steps, twice a day, for one week. Armed with bristle brushes, a retractor and that all-important whitening gel, I was ready to go.


Back at home, I dedicated half an hour, twice a day, to applying the gel. The process is pretty simple and there’s even an online tutorial to watch if you forget a step. Soon enough, I’d easily grasped the process – my only criticism would be that it is quite a commitment to do twice a day.


However, at the end of the seven days, the results spoke for themselves. My teeth look much whiter than before – not in an obvious, OTT way (which I’m not a fan of) – but just naturally, visibly whiter.


The best thing is, once you have the kit, you can easily order a top-up gel whenever you want to give your smile a pick-me-up. Prices are much more affordable than other professional places, but this kit is also safe and created by actual dentists.


Overall, I was really impressed with the concept, easy process and great results. If you’re looking to give your smile a glow-up without breaking the bank, then this is well worth trying.

From £99