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Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

27, Thurloe Street, SW7 2LQ

On a busy Sunday afternoon in South Kensington, I dragged myself and my dull, lifeless locks to GA for a much-needed barnet pick-me-up. My prominent roots, yellow-hued strands and split ends meant only the very best could revive it and GA proved to be just that.


The philosophy behind the salons is all about using natural, organic products to achieve gorgeous hair without harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients can sometimes be viewed as gimmicky, but GA is on a mission to prove this isn’t the case with their handmade treatments that are created with herbs and fresh ingredients,

Walking into the salon, I instantly felt at ease as I was warmly greeted by the receptionist. Taking my coat, she led me through to a second room where the action takes place. I was brought a delicious coconut truffle tea and cute chocolates which were wrapped in chic branded packaging.



My hairdresser Carmen came over and we spoke about what I wanted to do with my hair. My main concern was the yellow blonde that my strands had faded into and the regrowth.


Carmen explained how the salon doesn’t use foils when dying the hair as it can be damaging. Rather than traditional highlights, they use a technique called shatush, which involves backcombing the hair before colour is applied. Similar to balayage, this free-hand technique blends colour subtly, meaning dominant dark roots won’t pop up when the hair grows back.

But before the dying, Carmen wanted to cut my hair. Taken over to the basin, I sat down in what I think is the most comfortable hairdresser chair I’ve ever experienced. Reclining right down to the sink, it meant youI didn’t have to strain my neck in the slightest. Carmen used the brand’s organic, sulphate-free shampoo which gently cleanses hair without the addition of harsh chemicals.


Back in the main room, Carmen expertly snipped away my split ends and reshaped my barnet into a blunt, razor-sharp length which finished just above my collar bone.

After drying my newly-trimmed strands, Carmen got to work with the colour. We all know how damaging bleach can be, so I was pleased to hear that she had mixed Olaplex into the dye, which would help to strengthen and restore my damaged mane. Diving my hair into sections, Carmen backcombed at the root before brushing the dye onto strands of my hair.


I was left to browse through a selection of fashion mags while we waited for the colour to develop.


After a speedy 20 minutes, I was led back to the basin area where the bleach was washed out and a toner was added – this helps to keep away any brassiness or yellow tones. Giving my hair one last bit of TLC, Carmen then applied a Redken reconstruction treatment which would close my hair cuticles and leave it super shiny.


Finally, Carmen dried my fresh, blonde strands before adding in a few waves with the straightening irons – who says you can’t have beach waves in London?


Looking at the final results in a mirror, I was over the moon with my new creamy blonde colour and hair that actually felt healthy again.


GA | South Kensington | London GA | South Kensington | London