Review: Kathryn Lewsey

5, Pont Street



Frizzy hair. Those two words can send someone into complete despair. If, like me, you suffer from unruly manes, you’ll want to read this. Those in the frizzy gang will know how truly annoying it can be. One drop of rain or a hint of humidity, and your perfectly sleek hair that you’ve spent hours styling is suddenly a chaotic, misbehaving mess.

Luckily, technology nowadays means there’s plenty of products and treatments to help calm those naughty strands. I’ve tried a variety of keratin treatments over the years, but when I heard about the liquid gold smooth treatment that’s hit salons, I knew I had to give it a go. This treatment promises to help reduce frizz, as well as adding shine and smoothness to hair.

Heading to Neville Hair and Beauty in Belgravia, London, I was excited to try out this highly-anticipated barnet transformer. Strolling in on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I was warmly welcome at reception and led over to where the snipping, colouring and styling happens. The lovely Kash was booked in to do my hair and I was instantly made to feel at ease as he talked me through the process.

Neville is a gorgeous light and airy space with a lively salon vibe. With stylish decor and Beyonce blaring out on the speakers – it’s the kind of salon you’re more than happy to spend a few hours in. Kash assessed my locks while explaining what the product is all about. Made up of pure keratin, naturally-smoothing ingredients like cocoa trees and 24 carat gold (yep, really), this treatment not only smooths hair, but also helps to revitalise and renew dry, damaged barnets. Basically, it’s the ultimate boost for lifeless hair.


After giving my hair a good old wash and comb, Kash started to meticulously work the product through my mane. Sectioning my hair, he made sure that every single strand was covered. Once the product was applied, I had to wait thirty minutes while the treatment sat in my locks. Flicking through mags and sipping tea, the time flew by and soon, Kash was back for the next step. This involved blow-drying the hair, which Kash did precisely, locking in the treatment and styling my hair into a super smooth style. Finally, Kash then ran the straighteners through my mane, leaving my strands the sleekest I’ve ever seen them.

Afterwards, I couldn’t wash my hair for three days to allow the treatment to really work its magic. While keratin treatments I’ve had in the past have left the strands a little greasy and sticky, this didn’t in the slightest. I could head straight to the bar for drinks and my hair had never looked smoother. Like most smoothing treatments, using a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner are essential for maintaining the product.


It’s been a few weeks and I can report that my barnet is sleek, soft and shiny. There’s zero signs of any frizz – plus, drying and styling my hair is so much quicker. If frizz is your hair gripe, this luxe treatment is well worth splurging on.