The Beauty Column: The Botox Debate


I don’t know about you, but I don’t think someone jabbing needles into your face sounds like much fun. I also don’t think not being able to move your face like a normal, ageing human being sounds fun either. The freaky facial poison they call Botox is a bit of a controversial topic and generally divides opinion, and I firmly sit on the ‘say no to Botox’ side of the fence. Maybe I’m anti-Botox because I haven’t been riddled with wrinkles yet, but I can’t imagine I’ll change my mind when I start to see a few lines emerging on my not-so-youthful face in years to come.

I think social media and celebrity culture has a lot to do with people’s decisions surrounding the topic, not to mention advertisements and campaigns for younger, healthier looking skin. Essentially, Botox is a quick fix which can knock years off you instantly, so to a certain extent I can appreciate the attraction. However, I generally have a slight concern with modifying your general aesthetics just to look a little younger. Each to their own and all that, but I can’t say that Botox is for me.


Of course, it’s a very subjective subject matter, and nobody has the right to judge people on whether they choose to rid their wrinkles through injections. Maybe if I wasn’t so much of a wimp when it comes to needles (yep, I pass out) I’d take a different view, but the pure thought of allowing a piece of metal to pierce my skin to get rid of a wrinkle of two, makes me feel a little nauseas. It’s probably about time I grew up and got over my mini needle phobia, but for now I think I’ll stick to some anti-aging lotions and potions when I enter my journey on the wrinkle road.


If people are really that conscious of their wrinkles, and choose to get a teeny tiny bit of Botox to make them feel more confident, then that’s one thing. But when people get it to the point of extremism where they struggle to perform simple daily facial functions such as frowning and raising their eyebrows, I can’t even begin to comprehend their decision. Aging gracefully is all about embracing your body and your appearance, and accepting the fact that things get looser, droopier and wrinklier as you get older – it’s a fact of life. If we’re too busy obsessing over the insignificant stuff like fine lines, we’re wasting precious time. Grow old gracefully, because as they say, wrinkles will only go where the smiles have been.

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