The Beauty Column: #NOMAKEUPSELFIE

Nicole Cottrell

My no makeup selfie


How many days does it take to raise £8 million pounds? Six. Thanks to the #nomakeupselfie craze, Cancer Research UK has received a phenomenal amount of unexpected donations. The trend took social media by storm and every other post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram was a brave bare-faced female showing her support.


Something which should have received nothing but praise and admiration turned into a controversial conflict with people publicly airing their negative views that simply posting a makeup-less snap wasn’t actually raising awareness of cancer. I wonder whether they realised that by moaning, it got even more people talking, subsequently raising even more awareness? Just a thought.


When I heard £1 million had been raised in 24 hours, I thought it would be a short-lived whirlwind achievement soon to be forgotten, but celebs started mucking in (let’s not mention Michelle Keegan’s flawless contribution) and within six days, a staggering amount of money was raised which will fund 10 new clinical trials.


Although my stomach flipped a little when I was tagged on Facebook to complete the no makeup nomination, I took the plunge and showed my support. Maybe forgiving light and a flattering angle were contributing factors for some (puts hand in the air), but at the end of the day, we got involved, supported an incredible cause and donated. If that isn’t commended and appreciated, then I’m a little lost for words.


Some of my family members have been diagnosed with cancer in the past and in that respect, you could say it’s a charity close to my heart. There’s more to life than makeup and money so losing a few minutes of your time and a few pounds from your purse is nothing in comparison to the utterly brave people who battle the disease day in, day out.

no make up


I agree that posting a selfie alone may not have been the best way to approach the matter, but by highlighting cancer in the photo caption, it had the potential to plant a seed in someone’s mind which might, just might, have spurred them to donate. I’m not shooting down those who didn’t, but for those who did – thank you. To give something back, no matter how little, is rewarding in itself.


You can’t take the serious without the silly though. For some, auto correct changed Beat to Bear resulting in polar bear adoption. A much bigger commitment, don’t ya think? I’m game for mothering a polar bear, though. I can’t be blamed for a drunken misspelt text, surely?


What amazes me the most is that this wasn’t ever an official campaign. Social media is so influential and invaluable and I think this is a monumental moment to appreciate that. In the words of Beyonce ‘We all have our imperfections. But I’m human, and you know, it’s important to concentrate on other qualities besides outer beauty.There are no words more fitting than girl power.

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