The Edit: Where the Wild Things Are

There’s always been a bit of a stigma surrounding the whole idea of mounting a stuffed animal head onto a wall, but there is no denying the fantastic ambience that they create in the home. This prompted us to put together a selection of wonderfully quirky and modern ‘wild things’ to mount onto your wall, without having to take a guilt ridden trip to the taxidermist. From resin to tweed, and rhino to stag, we have 10 completely desirable, controversyfree animal heads too suit every home.


Rudie the Rhino

Made from polished aluminium, this grumpy looking charismatic rhino will make a great talking point hung on your wall.


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Patchwork Tweed Roe Deer Head

A beautifully crafted piece of art by Carola Van Dyke, that is completely unique. This quirky alternative deer head features a range of fabric textures, including tweed and boiled wool, with a cute little suede nose, doey glass eyes and roe deer horns.


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Bull Skull Wall Sculpture with Silver Horns

Looking like it’s been taken straight from the wall of a western saloon, this intricately detailed bone effect bull skull, featuring silver finished horns, is a stunning choice for an animal wall mount.


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Silver Giraffe Head wall Hanging

Capturing perfectly the elegance and grace of the giraffe, painted with contrasting brown and silver markings, this is most definitely a piece that will add sophistication and style to any wall.


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Medium Cardboard Unicorn

A whimsical head mount that is sure not to break the bank, made from recycled cardboard. Why not go wild, and colour or decorate this lovely unicorn, to give it that extra bit of personality?


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T-Rex Head Wall Sculpture

We all know it would be pretty unlikely to stumble upon a T-Rex at a taxidermist, which is why urban outfitters have provided all us dinosaur lovers with this fantastically ferocious, and much more ethical option, made from polyresin.


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The Alfred Stag Deer Head in White with Gold Antlers

A stylish modern twist on the traditional mounted Stags head. This white and gold stag’s head will look truly tremendous, taking centre stage in the home.

£58.18 approx

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The Moreno Alligator Head Bronze Resin

He may look a little scary at first, but once he settles in, he’s a pleasure to be around, and will become part of the furniture before you know it. Just give this beautiful bronze creature a chance!

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White Bulls Head

This cool, white, lacquered resin bull head is a striking wall feature, with its sleek finish and realistic carvings, it is every bit an eye-catching home accessory for anyone to own.


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The Maldwin Elephant Head Mint Green Resin

These fantastic wall mounts aren’t purely restricted to neutral colours, with White Faux Taxidermy providing a terrific selection of colourful variations, just like this stunning mint green elephant head.

£67.34 approx

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Feature: Lucy Dixon