The Gift Guide: Gorgeous Gifts For New Parents

If you’re looking for a gift that new parents REALLY want and REALLY need, these essential products will be on all baby wish lists. Each of these must-have buys are hand-picked, tried and tested and recommended by Groomed & Glossy’s Editor (and mum to Percy),  Jennifer.


BABY BJORN MINI CARRIER, 84.99, buy now at

Available in a huge selection of colours, this super popular baby carrier mini (for ages 0 -12 months)  is also the top choice for many mums I know. Suitable to use for newborns, this super – easy to use design fastens securely in just a few clicks and makes carrying your little one around (shopping, walking, housework etc) an absolute doddle. The leg straps are adjustable and baby can be carried facing towards your chest or outwards facing (and exploring) the world. The entire front section also easily clips off should you need to make minimal movements to move a snoozing baby. My 6’4 partner is also a huge fan and carries Percy around a lot in it when we are out and about.






A sleep inducing duo of Organic Babies Baby Wash & Shampoo Lavender  and Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve.  An aromatic lavender infusion is a great addition to baby’s pre-bedtime bath routine. The soothing scent is proven to promote a calm and peaceful sleep. The Organic Babies Baby Wash & Shampoo and Baby Salve is suitable for ultra-sensitive baby skin, eczema and psoriasis



Ewan the Sheep is Percy’s favourite sleep buddy. This cuddly toy features a range of soothing sleep inducing sounds including heartbeat and womb and shhhhh noises, which run on a 20 minute cycle,  to lull babies into a peaceful slumber.

The Ewan features an intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor, which  automatically activates when your baby moves or stirs in the night, helping to resettle them.


Made from super soft 3D jersey fabric, this ergonomic baby bouncer gives your newborn the proper   support to the back, neck and head. The bouncer provides a natural rocking motion which is created when  your  baby moves their arms and legs (no need for batteries!), this is a great investment to develop baby’s fine motor and balance skills whilst you take a shower or get chores done.


suitable from newborn and up to the age of 2 years (3.5 kg/53 cm to 13 kg) | cosy bouncer for a baby (max 9 kg) | comfy chair for a child who can walk and sit unaided (max 13 kg) |  supersoft material, 3D Jersey | ergonomic design which gives good support to your baby’s back, neck and head | folds flat and is easy to move around your home | machine wash at 40 ̊C



ARLO SMART BABY MONITOR, £140 (rrp £269.99),

This super smart, all in one baby monitor is one of the best in the business. Featuring air quality sensors, temperature control, lullaby player, night lights and 1080p video with options to live stream and record, this is one of our best-reviewed baby essentials.

When it comes to baby monitors there are a mind boggling amount on the market, however the Arlo Smart Baby monitor is one of our favourites, and that goes for our gadget-loving dads too!

Clever features include audio options to loop lullabies, record stories and parents voices which is super for some soothing sounds –  and great for when the little one has a babysitter or nanny.

The HD camera can stream video’s to your smart phone, TV or tablet so you can always keep check wherever you are. The camera records video clips which really works for any routine tracking reference.


WIFI baby camera 1080P HD | 2-way audio night vision | air sensors |  lullaby player | night light | works with Amazon Alexa