The Hair Salon Review | Trevor Sorbie | Covent Garden | London

Review: Kay Frankland


Since opening his first salon in 1977, Trevor Sorbie has become an iconic brand in the world of hairdressing and his Covent Garden salon says it all. Beautifully situated in the heart of Leicester Square, this vibrant, modern establishment is the place to go for both your colour and your cut. It was a perfect sunny Saturday afternoon and as soon as I walked through the door, I felt like I was on the bustling streets of Central London. The atmosphere was joyous to say the last. The interaction between the stylists’ and the clients was refreshingly vibrant.

Having had my colour test done 2 days prior to my appointment I was already familiar with the team who were going to be looking after to me on my visit. I found this extremely beneficial and it made my whole experience on the day more relaxing.

I decided I wanted to have some highlights which would complement my natural medium brown tones. Giuseppe advised it would be best to use a subtle colour and gradually keep enhancing over time. Giuseppe decided to use an Inoa Tint by L’Oréal which was oil based and free from ammonia. Ladies and gents, I’d also like to point out here that most of the products used are vegan friendly and over 90% natural ingredients which is amazing for us ‘au natural’ beauties out there.

Once I had checked in at the reception, I was asked to take a seat in the waiting area, but this wasn’t no ordinary waiting area, I felt like I was in a chic, hipster cafe, with the offer of fresh cucumber and mint water and all the top fashion and hair photography books you need. Great for inspiration on deciding what ‘look’ to go for. Giuseppe then came over to collect me. Whilst mixing up the dye he asked me if would like a drink and off course I took him up on the offer of a refreshing glass of prosecco, why not it’s the weekend after all.

After around two hours of application and plenty of conversation about our weekend plans (and off course another glass of prosecco) Giuseppe introduced me to Marina who took me over to get my hair rinsed. This bubbly young lady brightened up my day. A fellow northerner and festival goer we had lots to talk about and to finish it off she gave me a super relaxing head massage…I didn’t’ want it to end.

Next up was Rich, we had already previously discussed what cut I was going I was going for, deciding on a healthy trim and tidy up. I like a bold cut, no layers, thick fringe, my staple look and Rich most certainly achieved this. His attention to detail is simply incredible.

The whole experience was pleasurable from start to finish and I can most certainly say the staff here are impressive. Giuseppe and Rich clearly know their stuff. You can see the team make it their priority to make you feel relaxed and comfortable but the main thing that stood out to me on the day is how professional they were and the fantastic rapport they have with their clientele.

Trevor Sorbie, Covent Garden, London

27 Floral St | Covent Garden, London |  WC2E 9DP