Review: Kathryn Lewsey 

Amazon Salon | 47 Brushfield Street | London | E1 6AA


Amazon. We all know the tech giant for revolutionising the way that we shop, allowing us to order almost anything we want at the drop of a hat. And now the brand has ventured into the world of hair.


Back in April 2021, the first ever Amazon Salon in London opened its doors to the public, teaming up with Neville Hair & Beauty to offer the usual salon services of snipping, colouring and styling.

I was recently invited to check out the salon, which is perfectly placed in the always-busy Spitalfields.


In typical Amazon fashion, booking a treatment is super easy, you don’t even need to pick up the phone. Online, you can book yourself in, selecting specifically what barnet treatments you desire.


Arriving at the salon, it was exactly how I envisioned it to look – sleek, modern and pretty futuristic. Alexas and tablets were dotted around the salon, plus an AR colour consultation station, which allows you to pick a colour before seeing on screen exactly how you’d look with your selected hue.


And if you fancy shopping for some barnet pick-me-ups, it’s also got you covered. A huge selection of hair products were on display – simply point at the product and information about it will pop up on a screen. Like what you see? Scan the QR code and you’ll get direct to the Amazon site, where you can easily order it to your door.


But enough about the high-tech stuff, I was there to give my tresses a boost of blonde. Led to the salon’s second floor, I met the lovely Ferdije who was there to rescue my brittle, yellow strands.


Mixing up a creamy blonde, she got to work, speedily applying dye and foils to my hair. Ferdije left the colour to develop before whisking me over to the basin where the foils were removed and my strands were washed.


Next, Ferdije worked a toner through my locks. After ten minutes of developing, it was rinsed out and she treated my damaged hair to a nourishing repairing mask from L’Oreal. Rather than simply massaging it in and leaving it, Ferdije brought over a steam mist machine. This snazzy piece of equipment allows water to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle, locking in moisture and resulting in softer hair.


Once that was rinsed out, I was led back to the main area for a quick hair cut. Working her magic once more, Ferdije snipped two inches off my straggly strands, shaping it into a chic, blunt ‘do.


Massaging some oil into my scalp and a spritz of heat protector on my hair, Ferdije finally dried and styled my locks into a sleek and straight finish. I was made up with the fresh cut and icy, creamy blonde hue that she’d created.

The transformation was incredible, Ferdije had taken my yellow, brassy locks and given it the revival it so desperately needed.


A warm welcome, fun tech additions and of course, fantastic hair results, means this salon ticks all the boxes. It looks like Amazon has another string to add to its ever-growing bow.