Review: Jamie Roberts


When I was invited to try the coveted Hydrofacial Plus at 111Skin Facial Bar located at 111 Harley St. my skin was so looking forward to a moisture hit. Tackling the ever changing weather had left my face crying out in confusion, and plagued by areas of dryness, congestion, and a general sallowness, not to mention the unfortunate ongoing issues of ‘mask induced breakouts’.

Samia my experienced therapist spent time examining my skin before explaining the process of the
hyrdofacial plus. This is where things got interesting- turns out this isn’t your everyday hydrofacial,
and is actually very multifaceted- combining a blend of exfoliation, ultrasound, multipolar
radiofrequency, oxygen infusion and cryo/heat technology.

As with all 111 Harley St. treatments, the products and technology used is a very bespoke
experience, and Samia selected the majority of products from the sought-after 111Skin Reparative range, plus the 111Skin Vitamin C Booster

111Skin Reparative Range

The science behind it is amazing, utilising the patented 111 Skin NAC Y2 compound and antioxidant
glutathione to provide cellular immunity, and neutralise oxidative stress. This is the tiniest nod to the
benefits of this elixir, and the multi-functionality of the hydrofacial plus machine meant that the
products were accelerated deep into my skin with minimal invasion for maximum punch. The use of
the 111Skin Vitamin C Booster gave my skin brightness and the Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask,
Y Theorem Light Day Cream , Y Theorem Repair Serum , and NAC Y2 Restorative Cleansing Balm left my skin feeling dewy and plump.

The products used were: 

  • Vitamin C booter (not in the Reparative range) 
  • Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Facial Mask
  • Y Theorem Light Day Cream 
  • Y Theorem Repair Serum 
  • NAC Y2 Restorative Cleansing Balm 

I can honestly say that every part of the facial felt amazing, and even the suction and exfoliation felt
comfortable. The change in temperatures really awakened my skin, and with each change in tool the
vortex-fusion delivery system allowed for product penetration deep into my face.

The immediacy of the results was amazing, I felt not only plumper and more radiant, but my skin
texture was so smooth and the lymphatic drainage element had given me a more sculpted
appearance, and had really aided with the swelling/ greyness around my eyes. My only regret was
that I hadn’t made plans to take my newly fresh face out for the evening, and instead had to place it
into a mask and make my way home. However I did spend all evening gazing in the mirror at my
refined pores- and as the week went on I continued to get compliments with a few people asking me
if I had ‘been away as I looked so well!’

Take a look at the video below for the modestly titled 111Skin Hydrofacial Plus in action- and you will also
wonder how a straightforward facial will ever be enough again!




111 Skin Hydrafacial Plus,  £250


111 Skin Facial Bar | 111 Harley St.| London | W1G 6AW