Victoria Beckham: Taking The Fashion World By Storm


 Victoria Beckham is considered style royalty and so it was not surprising that the next step in her career was to conquer the fashion world. And conquer she did, Mrs Beckham has won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide with her incredible SS14 collections.

We have seen her dedication to her designs, as she creates garments that we would expect to see her in. Fluid lines with feminine silhouettes, VB has embraced the word shape and adjusted it to create clothing that speaks to the female form.

Colour is Victoria Beckhams friend as her geometric pieces showed a fun and edgy side with oxblood and candy-floss pink pops of colour that were added to an otherwise classic, refined monochromatic collection.

Known from her dresses that are form fitting, Victoria showed another side to her with her SS14 collections with flirty hemlines and relaxed fit combined with fitted white belts.

As she revealed to Grazia, “I love a fitted dress but there’s a different side of me too that’s more relaxed but still sharp.”

We were treated to styling that can be embraced by regular women for an everyday look, clothing that took cues from menswear and sharp tailoring to create something fresh and original. There is a reason that Victoria’s clothing has been embraced by women worldwide, including big celebrities such as Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Elle Macpherson.

In fact, the mass success of her resort collection has led to a new announcement…Victoria Beckham will be opening her first clothing store in the heart of London’s fashion district, Mayfair.

VB revealed to Vogue, “I’d like to do something that is really new, really fresh. Something a little bit conceptual – but not too much”.

We already know what to expect from this style guru, it has been reported that the store will open as early as next year and stock Beckham’s high-end fashion range.

This is very exciting news for fans of Beckham’s merchandise, because up until now, her stylish clothes and accessories have been limited to department stores, selected fashion outlets and online

Cailyn Cox