Halloween Hotlist: Haunted House

It’s that time of year again where we all get into the meticulous planning of our Halloween costumes. To get into the swing of things, why not add some subtly spooking décor to the home. You don’t have to fill the house with pumpkins, and hang bats and brooms from your ceilings to get in the mood for Halloween. We’ve picked out some spooky pieces to haunt your home and send shivers through your interiors, while looking tastefully chic all the same time.


Orlando the Beautiful White Owl

With the taxidermy trend making a huge return, why not perch this faux white owl on your

mantelpiece; it’ll be a hoot.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

Atelier Randall Pigeon Lamp

Taxidermy has always had eeriness to it, and this stunning pigeon lamp, in flight, is certainly

no exception.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

D.L. & CO Memento Mori Gold Candle Snuffer

A candle will always add a spooky essence to a room, so when it comes to putting it out, why

not use this fantastic antique-style, skull candle snuffer.


Available at www.selfridges.com

D.L. & CO Signature Collection Thorn Apple Soy-Blend Candle

Black, jagged and a little spikey; what more can you look for in a Halloween style candle!


Available at www.selfridges.com

Amara Mullbrae Bowl 6’’ by L’Objet

A spooky black branch and gold leaf adorned bowl; the perfectly stylish trick or treat candy



Available at www.amara.com

Carved Skull Money Bank

We think that this striking, carved, money bank is the only way to save up for your dream

Halloween costume this year.


Available at www.urbanoutfitters.com

Ceramic White Open Hand

This ceramic wall feature is an ever-so creepy way to hang your jewellery and keys. We

certainly need to get our hands on one.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.co.uk

Set of 3 Tarot Glass Dishes – The Lovers, The Empress, The Emperor

Serve up some treats in style this Halloween, with these beautifully unusual glass dishes.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.com

Eragatory Fork Isaie Bloch

A torturous looking piece of art that will make a spine chilling addition to your tableware.


Available at www.showstudio.com

Framed Scorpions Daphne Guinness

Although not for the faint hearted, this framed scorpion piece is sure to make for a huge

talking point in the home.


Available at www.showstudio.com

Eyeballs Shona Heath

What says Halloween more than this amazing eyeballs art piece, complete with a black

gloopy splat? We definitely have our eye on one.


Available at www.showstudio.com

Phoebe Richardson Bone Collection Skull Dinner Plate

Incorporate a little Halloween inspiration to your meal times, with these stunning skull dinner



Available at www.rockettstgeorge.com

John Lewis 5 Arm Nickel Candelabra

Just add some tall candles to this gorgeous candelabrum and with melted wax trickling down

the arms, you will have the ultimate piece of Halloween home décor.


Available at www.johnlewis.com

Mortimer the Black Crow

Channel Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ with this thrilling little black crow for the home. There’s no

need to worry about this bird attacking anyone though, Mortimer is harmless.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.com

Miss Havisham Wirework and Beaded Tea Light Chandelier

The mystery surrounding Miss Havisham in the iconic Great Expectations gave her a truly

eerie persona, and with this spectacular Miss Havisham inspired chandelier, eeriness is

certainly not lacking.


Available at www.rockettstgeorge.com

Feature: Lucy Dixon