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Alterna Haircare additions to ‘Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil’ Collection
The team at Alterna are renowned for their professional formulas and sustainable ingredients which give hair the TLC it deserves. Infused with the same goodness and wonder ingredients as the rest of the Kendi Oil range, Alterna Haircare has added a NEW innovative Micromist to the collection – suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair!
The tug-of-war battle for those with fine hair is to smooth out any wispy flyaways without over-greasing the hair, resulting in the mundane process of washing it seven times a day (well, not quite, but still)!
This Micromist helps to do just that! For best results, spritz onto damp or dry hair and see noticeable improvements to your hair’s strength and overall look. The micro-fine aerosol mist application ensures a feather light consistency and the perfect finish with no frizz in sight! It also helps coloured hair keep its vibrancy due to Alterna’s Colour Hold Technology!
The main two specialised ingredients within the Kendi Oil range are Rare Organic Kendi Oil and Potent Organic Bamboo Extract…
       Kendi Oil is a strong source of essential Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E to help protect hair from damage, whilst replenishing the hair’s natural lipid layer for a sleek finish.
       Bamboo Extract is recognised for its strength, resilience and natural ability to help hair grow and flourish. It also provides intense hydration due to it being rich in amino acids, proteins and minerals.
Other products in the range include:
      Kendi Oil Treatment Oil
   Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist
Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Micromist:
News: Heidi Fox