Spa  Review: Skin 3 Salon, Swiss Cottage, London


Review: Lauren Beckett

In a modern, white-tiled and airy salon near Swiss Cottage, I received an in-depth consultation with my therapist Faye, which allows her to tailor the facial to your skin’s needs; every Environ facial at Skin3 starts with this service. Rather than blindly pushing expensive creams, what Faye terms ‘promises in a jar’, Skin3 are all about results based skincare, be that treating age spots, wrinkles, redness or breakouts.

The consultation also involves a hi-tech machine that scans your skin and identifies areas of damage. The machine showed that whilst my texture and wrinkles were good, all that travelling had put my UV damage at 71%. Also, after a mini breakout that day, the redness of my skin was high and inflamed. Faye therefore tailored the facial around soothing this.

This particular facial incorporates electrolysis to help target wrinkles; therefore Faye warned me that this might not be the traditionally relaxing facial I was used to. That said, it still managed to be the most relaxed I’ve felt in months. The facial took place in a lovely candlelit room. I was wrapped in a duvet, a warm beanbag resting on my tummy with an amazing foot, hand and arm massage leaving me suitably sleepy.

The treatment began with cleansing and toning, ensuring my face was makeup free. Faye then applied Environ’s Colostrum to minimize redness, whilst gently and painlessly zapping my face with an electrolysis-style wand for extra absorption of the goodness and vitamins. Next came a face-mask to lock in the moisture.

The whole experience was relaxing and calming and immediately after, the redness on my cheeks had almost disappeared. By the next day, it was gone completely.

Skin3’s skin regime doesn’t end at the facial. It is staged in three parts: feed, fortify and finish. Using vitamin tablets to help your skin from the inside, and a collagen boosting vitamin A moisturiser on the outside, I feel like I’ve found the skincare I’ve been looking for years. A holistic system based around the proven anti aging properties of vitamin A, it ensures that, over time, you can reduce UV damage and get skin looking younger and healthier, inside and out.

I’ve been using Environ products since. Before, I couldn’t imagine anything would pry me away from my usual beauty brand, however, I think I may be converted…

Redness free and with plump fresh skin, I arrived at work the next morning to three compliments in a row about how “fresh faced” I looked, all before 8am! Needless to say, I will definitely be going back.

Environ Active Vitamin Facial
Price: £79
Duration: 75 minutes
Skin 3 Salon
41 Fairfax Road, Swiss Cottage, London, NW6 4EL
020 7328 1291
Nearest tube: Swiss Cottage

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