Review: Kathryn Lewsey

Those with frizzy hair will know exactly how I feel when it starts raining or the air is super humid – the smooth locks you’ve spent time styling and preening become an unruly mess in minutes.


So, praise the hair gods for the creation of Cerzanne, which is a natural alternative to keratin. Cerzanne is free from formaldehyde, a chemical that’s found in most keratin treatments and can be pretty damaging to your precious locks. And despite being kinder to your strands, it’s just as effective in smoothing your hairs’ cuticles and banishing that oh-so-dreaded frizz.

I was recently lucky enough to be invited to GA salon in Notting Hill and experience their Cerzanne treatment. Spoiler alert – as I type this, my hair is super smooth.


The salons are dotted around London and all have an Italian inspiration thanks to creator Gennaro Dell’ Aquila. The salons’ ethos focuses on natural and organic hair experiences, working to transform tresses without damaging chemicals.


Walking into the Notting Hill salon, I was warmly greeted and led through to where the magic happens. Sitting down with Federico, he spoke to me about what I would expect from the treatment, explaining that it would not change the shape of my hair – in terms of curls/waves – but would smooth locks and reduce frizz.

Firstly, I was taken to the basin and had my hair thoroughly washed. Back in the hairdresser’s chair, Federico then dried my hair and straightened my hair, before slathering my locks with the treatment.


Left with a cup of tea, delicious Italian biscotti and copy of the latest Vogue, I sat back and relaxed while the Cezanne developed. The salon’s sleek marble walls, low-lighting and wooden flooring makes it the perfect environment to unwind in.

A speedy thirty minutes later, Federico whisked me back to the basin to rinse out the Cezanne.Taken back to the salon chair, he then blow-dried my strands into a sleek, straight ‘do, before expertly using straightening irons to seal in the treatment.

All-in-all, the whole process took over just two hours and now, I’m left with smooth strands that’ll last up to three months. Better still, my hair actually feels nourished and healthy – and styling/drying time has dramatically reduced. Just like keratin treatments, I have to make sure that I use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner, which will help the Cezanne last longer.


If you’re looking for a fabulous hair salon experience, then GA is up there with the best. Sleek interiors, organic products, brilliant staff and transformative hair results – they do it all. I couldn’t be happier with my smoother, shinier and healthier locks.


GA Notting Hill

2 Wellington Terrace, London, W2 4LW