5 Tips for Travelling with Young Children

Travelling with toddlers may come with more than its own fair share of hassle, but it actually provides a lot of benefits that make your effort well worth it. In fact, The Telegraph reports that a family holiday can help boost a youngster’s brain development, as it activates their play and seeking systems.

This makes holidays not only a wonderful occasion for you to spend some quality time with your loved ones, but also a special opportunity to help your children enrich their minds. So if you’re looking to let your child experience the delights of exploring the world, here are our top tips to help you ensure a harmonious family holiday.

1. Decide on a Family-Friendly Destination

Choosing your holiday destination wisely will lay the correct foundation for the rest of your journey. When travelling with family, prioritise places that have an array of fun activities for your children to participate in.

A beach holiday might be your best option for toddlers, as they can build sandcastles and play in the water until their heart’s content. Plus, you’ll have the luxury of watching them while simply lounging around. In fact, Parents’ Melissa Willets writes that being by the water stimulates creativity and quickly reduces stress levels for the entire family.

2. Babyproof Your Hotel

There are a lot of things to be mindful of when you’re staying in a hotel for the first time with your young family. First, you should assess if the hotel room is spacious enough for your toddler to safely move around. Family-friendly features are as equally valuable to look out for, considering that most accommodation options don’t have amenities that can cater to children.

With this in mind, you can take a look at Barceló Maya Palace in Mexico, which was reviewed by our travel editor Val Jones. This beachside resort is fantastic for families as kids have their own pool and a mini-water park, playground, spa, and food area. On top of choosing the right destination, staying at the right hotel edges you a huge step closer to a happy family holiday.

3. Prepare for the Plane

The truth is, most passengers worry about being seated next to a crying baby. It’s important to remember that this is a natural response from infants and very small children, which is why parents shouldn’t feel embarrassed if their child does cry.

However, if you would like this worry to weigh a little less on your shoulders, iCandy family travel expert Nick Kemp recommends carefully considering the duration of the flight. Should your destination require a long journey, try and plan activities that will keep your little one occupied, such as colouring or even eating their favourite snacks. By equipping yourself for an emergency, it will be much easier for everyone to stay calm and collected on-board when the inevitable happens.

4. Pack Wisely

Of course, it’s completely reasonable for any parent to overthink when it comes to packing, as you wouldn’t want to forget anything your child might need. However, be careful you don’t over pack. After all, you don’t want to spend extra time at those pesky security screening areas unpacking your case full of junk. Having a massive bag or multiple cases will only result in extra hassle.

This is why it is crucial to choose a carry-on that can easily store both your travel and toddler’s essentials. Fatherly’s Dave Baldwin recommends a versatile backpack or duffle bag with compartments for virtually everything, like the NOMATIC Travel Bag. Look for details that can make your life easier while on the go, like an add-on laundry bag and easy to reach pockets. When it comes to actually packing for family travels, make a checklist before you start, so you won’t get stuck just adding stuff you won’t need, or forgetting things that you will.